The spread of the company's business in the field of Construction heavy equipment of all kinds in many parts of the provinces of the Kingdom; has had a clear impact on the evolution of the company's business and activities in the field of Construction Contracting excavation work Rental equipment and Sale and purchase of heavy on the local and regional level.

company has won praise since its debut at the reputable institutions have a lot of local businesses and that what is known about the commitment to work hard and diligent and end on the face of patients in a period of time less than it was checked to him .  The company turned to the company under the name /Abdullah Ahmad Baazab Sons Company in 2011

contract has been signed with some companies for the implementation of business contracts , including
 Company civil works
description of the company and General Contracting projects
Arab Contractors Company
civil works
company Huta
Bin Laden
Muhaidib Contracting Company
Zahran Company for maintenance and operating
Lucent Technology
Bin pterygium
Alwan company for maintenance , cleaning and operating company
company Ericsson
Saad and many other companies and institutions

Sale and purchase

agent authorized distributor for the benefit of the company and Abdulaziz Abahsain Co. Ltd.

Agent authorized distributor for the equipment Development Company Ltd.

Sale and purchase of new equipment and used

Soon sale and purchase of spare parts of heavy equipment

Rental equipment

Rental equipment                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
number type stomach
6 Hiawlat - size 966
43 excavators - size 220-210
9 excavators - size 480-450
4 bulldozers - size 155
3 graders - size 14
5 bullets - the size of 25 tons
3 bullets - the size of 10 tons
4 for OBD transfer equipment
12 trailers transport materials
7 Electricity generators
14 excavators Bakeo
6 Bobcat
1 and mobile repair shop

Buying, selling and renting equipment

Abdallah Baazab Company

We have focused the attention of the company since its inception Abdullah Baazab to master the work in all its stages until completion of the work to the fullest, which work on the spread of a reputed company which has elevated the company occupies a prominent place among the institutions and local contracting companies


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